July 1, 1999

United Recyclers Group(URG) and Car-Part.com announced a new partnership in which Car-Part.com will gather the parts inventory data of automotive recyclers. That data will be displayed on the Car-Part.com web site and downloaded to all URG Pinnacle systems into URG's computerized trading system, URGNet . In addition, URG Partner data will be displayed on URG's web site, www.autopartsearch.com (the URG Shopping Mall).

Car-Part.com will also arrange for the data to be displayed on the recyclers individual web site. By placing parts inventories in several locations on the Internet and in URG's trading system, recyclers are insuring the greatest possible exposure for used parts, while meeting consumer demand.

Jeff Schroder, President of Car-Part.com says, "By moving parts from the warehouse to the storefronts of the web, auto recyclers gain great exposure and sales for their parts. This agreement with URG raises the bar even higher by putting parts on the web and displaying it on auto recycler's sales screens. Auto recyclers can now do business with partners of their choice and not be limited to trading only with partners using the same inventory management system."

URG is a group of over 350 auto recyclers throughout the U.S. and Canada that participated in and paid for the development of the Pinnacle Auto recycling trading System (PARTS). The Pinnacle is the only information system designed by recyclers for recyclers.