Dec 1, 2000 redesigns web site to provide image-based part searches
  • redesigns site to let users point to parts as well as select them from drop down menus.
  • Extensive Part Damage Codes and Part Option descriptions make it
    easier than ever to narrow in on the "best part" for the job
  • makes recycler inventory available to collision repair shops, insurers and retail buyers, who can search at NO COST the inventory of more than 10 million parts from 350 recyclers, regardless of their inventory management system.
  • currently serves 3.5 million hits and 400,000 part searches per month.

CHATHAM, NEW JERSEY, December 1, 2000

New Jersey-based has re-launched their web site at to simplify the process of buying parts on the web. The new site provides the following enhancements: a new image-based part selector to let searchers find parts based on images while keeping the menu-based search for those already familiar with the site; extensive Part Damage Codes and Part Option descriptions to make it easier than ever to narrow in on the "best part" for the job; an expanded Recycler links section, which now includes links to over 1100 recyclers online, making the most informative Auto Recycler web site on the Internet.

"We are excited about the launch of our new site. From the beginning, we've heard how easy our site is to use. Now with the graphic search, it has gotten even easier. When searchers can't think of the name of a part they want, they can select a view (side, front, top, bottom) and drill down until they just point and click the part they want. Besides providing another way to find parts, the overall look and feel have been upgraded, reflecting the professionalism that has always been underlying the site. Searchers will enjoy the shopping experience.

"The best parts of our site aren't new. opens up the inventory of recyclers to all buyers on the web. It is the first system that allows recyclers using Fast Parts, Pinnacle, Checkmate®*, and Hollander®# to all sell parts independent of their Inventory Management System. And all searches are free," said Jeff Schroder, President of

On customers enter year, model, and part. They can also choose to limit the search by state. If they don't know the name of a part, customers can also click on various car views to identify the part they want. After submitting a search, the user views a list of all recyclers having a given part, the condition and price, as well as the location and contact information (web site link, email address and phone number) for the recycler. One mouse click lets customers email their part request to the recycler. was the first service to offer auto recycler inventory on the web. On-line since May 9, 1998, is a leading provider of web services for recyclers.'s turnkey solution provides inventory searching, web hosting, design, promotion, and email services to recyclers. currently serves 9 million parts from 260 recyclers. The service generates 3 million hits and 350,000 part searches per month and successfully sells recyclers' parts. is uniquely positioned to provide an Internet-based solution and services to auto recyclers. Its founders include persons with more than 15 years experience in the auto recycling business, 15 years in collision repair, as well as 14 years in Internet technology.

For more information, contact at 859-344-1925 (email:, or visit the web site at

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