August 25, 2000 Partners with Fast Parts Inc.
  • and Fast Parts Inc. announce a partnership that allows recyclers' inventories in the Fast Parts system to be transferred automatically to for display on the web.
  • Fast Parts transfers recycler's data directly from FastNnet to with no recycler intervention required.
  • displays the inventory data directly on the web site and on the recycler's web site.
  • will build, host and promote a web site for the recycler.
  • is currently serving 3 million hits and 350,000 part searches per month.

CHATHAM, NEW JERSEY, August 25, 2000

New Jersey-based recently entered into an alliance with Texas-based Fast Parts Inc. to simplify the process of selling parts on the web. Recyclers using the Fast Parts Inventory Management System can have their inventory automatically transferred from Fast Parts to for display on the web.

"This partnership gives our customers access to a huge additional customer group. Our Fast Parts customers' list of parts can be transferred from an existing up-to-date file with virtually no work on their part. And with their parts listed on the web, they can sell to people that would otherwise be unreachable. Together, we have made the transfer for recyclers inventories to the web very easy," said Jim Mangham, President, Fast Parts, Inc.

"We are excited to be working with Fast Parts. This strategic relationship makes it easy and automatic for recyclers to sell parts on the Internet. is the first system that allows recyclers using Fast Parts, Pinnacle, Checkmate®*, and Hollander®# to all sell parts independent of their Inventory Management System," said Jeff Schroder, President of was the first service to offer auto recycler inventory on the web. On-line since May 9, 1998, is a leading provider of web services for recyclers.'s turnkey solution provides inventory searching, web hosting, design, promotion, and email services to recyclers. currently serves 8 million parts from 260 recyclers. The service generates 3 million hits and 350,000 part searches per month and successfully sells recyclers' parts. is uniquely positioned to provide an Internet-based solution and services to auto recyclers. Its founders include persons with more than 15 years experience in the auto recycling business, 15 years in collision repair, as well as 14 years in Internet technology.

Fast Parts, Inc. sells powerful, full function inventory management and hotline systems for auto recyclers. The systems include the latest technology, inventory management, business reports and Internet access. The Internet access allows Fast Parts' customers to make their parts available on the Internet and enables communications with the general public as well as business partners such as other recyclers, body shops, insurance companies, etc.

For more information, contact at 859-344-1925 (email:, or visit the web site at Contact Fast Parts Inc. at 1-800-288-7415.

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